Yom Kippur
First Released Losing Streak
Singer Howie J. Reynolds


I didn't know it was Yom Kippur evening, she forgot, and Al is at the door four hours early and she's in panic and I'm in the bedroom wearing nothing but Al's socks. There's no back exit and like hell no fire escape. Whoom whoom whoom. Dive dive dive! Under the bed... life for the moment is deceptively calm. I hear footsteps, voices, the dreadful small talk of middle class family life. That I can't take, I'm outta here! Pants tightly clenched I slide out from the bed and try to slide quietly past the bathroom door but Al, the pig, is takin' a shit with the bathroom door wide open. In horror our eyes meet, but I'm through the kitchen and out the apartment and down three flights of stairs, socks naked, balls bouncing, slipping on pants before anyone sees. This all happened back in September in 19 uhh 46 and I think I'm still here because a certain Al once stopped to wipe his ass before trying to kill me.

This is the old dude Howie J. Reynolds and you're listening to Less Than Jake.


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