U.S. Winter Tour 2011
U.S. Winter Tour 2011
Dates: January 19th-February 22nd
Shows: 32
Bands: Orange Avenue (January 19th}
Off With Their Heads (January 19th-February 4th, February 7th-18th, February 20th-22nd)
Go Rydell (January 20th)
General Tso's Fury (January 20th)
The Riot Before (January 22nd-23rd)
The Supervillains (January 22nd-February 18th, February 20th-22nd)
Patent Pending (January 25th)
Transit (January 27th, January 29th-30th)
Babe Lincoln (January 28th)
Exit 48 (January 28th)
Make Do and Mend (January 28th)
Senior Discount (January 28th)
Soooo Many Girls (January 28th)
Suburban Monkeys (January 28th)
Punchline (February 1st)
Reverse the Curse (February 2nd)
The Dopamines (February 3rd-5th, February 8th-9th)
We Are the Union (February 7th)
Blacklist Royals (February 10th-11th)
Red City Radio (February 12th-13th)
Latchkey Kids (February 14th)
The Gamits (February 17th-18th)
The Willkills (February 19th)
Headshine (February 21st)
The Sheds (February 22nd)


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