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Toybox Records
Toybox Records.jpg
Less Than Jake signed between 1993-1994
Founded 1992
Founder(s) Sean Bonner
Country of Origin United States

Toybox Records was a record label from Gainesville, Florida and Chicago, Illinois that existed from 1992 to 1997. It was started by Sean Bonner when he lived in Bradenton, Florida, shortly before moving to Gainesville. The label closed when he lived in Chicago.



Cat. Num. Band Release Date Format
TBX 001 Various Artists It's a Florida Thing w/ Bloodlet, Spring, Timescape Zero, Lazy Suzan, Failure Face & Sweet Pickles 1992 7"
TBX 002 Various Artists 3-Way Split w/ Spoke, Less Than Jake, Bombshell 1993 7"
TBX 003 Less Than Jake Pez Kings 1994 7"
TBX 004 Various Artists When Puberty Strikes / Vanbuilderass 7"
TBX 005 Various Artists Attaining The Supreme CD
TBX 006 Hot Water Music Eating the Filler 7"
TBX 007 Andromeda s/t 7"
TBX 008 Grade ...And Such Is Progress LP
TBX 009 Dragbody s/t 7"
TBX 010 Alpha Jerk s/t CD
TBX 011
TBX 012 Integrity ... And For Those Who Still Fear Tomorrow 1996 LP
TBX 013 Various Artists Culture / Kindred "Mike Warden Can Suck It" Never Released LP
TBX 014 Hot Water Music Finding the Rhythm CD
TBX 015 Hot Water Music Fuel For The Hate Game CD/LP
TBX 016 Ascension The Years of Fire CD/10"
TBX 017
TBX 018
TBX 019 Ascension Abomination CD/LP

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