Sleep It Off Records
Sleep It Off Records
Less Than Jake signed between 2008-present
Founded 2008
Founder(s) Less Than Jake
Country of Origin United States
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Sleep It Off Records is a Gainesville, Florida-based independent record label, which was started by the band Less Than Jake in 2008. The label name was taken from a track on the band's 2004 B-sides album, B is for B-sides.


Regarding owning the label, band member JR notes that the band:

"Could have gone with Epitaph Records or Fat Wreck Chords, but we figured we had enough experience among the five of us doing almost every facet of what it takes to run a label. Now we control everything we do. It's kind of scary, kind of creepy and a lot of fun; I wake up every day at, like, 9 o'clock in the morning and I work on my band. And it's not just the music side of things; it's marketing, online promotion, talking to dudes at radio stations. We work really hard and try to do it as best as we can. We're our own band, we're going to go on tour, put out records, and go on tour. That's it."[1]

The record label was created to re-release selections of Less Than Jake's back catalog of albums as well as their 2008 studio album, GNV FLA.[2] The band was still under contract with Warner Bros. Records for one more album, but the two parties came to a mutual agreement to end the contract early.

Reissues of Goodbye Blue and White, Pezcore, Losers, Kings and Things We Don't Understand, and the DVD The People's History of Less Than Jake were released on March 18, 2008 with new artwork. The CD releases also came with bonus DVDs featuring live songs recorded through the band's history. The band hopes to eventually own the rights to their recorded output from their time on Capitol Records, Fat Wreck Chords, and Sire Records.[3]


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