Sky Eats Airplane
Sky Eats Airplane
Background Information
Origin Fort Worth, Texas
Genre Metalcore
Nintendocore (early)
Years active 2005-present
Label(s) Equal Vision
Tragic Hero
Associated Acts Balance Problems
(In Theory)
Bryan Zimmerman
Lee Duck
Elliot Coleman
Zack Ordway
Travis Orbin
Former Members
Brack Cantrell
Kenny Schick
Jerry Roush
Johno Erickson

Sky Eats Airplane is an American metalcore band, formed in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2005. The band is signed to indie label Equal Vision Records and most recently released their self-titled full-length album through the label in July 2008. A new full-length is expected from the band early next year as stated by their Myspace blog.[1]



Sky Eats Airplane was formed originally by Brack Cantrell and Lee Duck of the band Our First Fall. The two left when the band broke up and began writing heavier music while experimenting with synthetic beats in the background.


After working on some demos, the band quickly became well known locally. They began working on their debut album Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day in early 2006 using little more than a Mac, Reason 3, Adobe Audition and a guitar. Over a three month span they self produced the nine-track album. Sky Eats Airplane held their CD release party for their debut album at The Door in Dallas, TX.[2][3] Brack left the band in order to pursue softer music, and now plays guitar and sings in his solo project Balance Problems.

Lee decided to ask Zack Ordway, Kenny Schick, and John Erickson of local metalcore outfit (In Theory) to join Sky Eats Airplane and audition as singers for the band. After having a lengthy tryout held from their MySpace in which they had an instrumental download, they landed on Jerry Roush from Hampton, VA. Roush had previously played drums in hardcore bands, and this was his first attempt as being a frontman. He was sent instrumental versions of tracks "Giants In The Ocean" and "Long Walks On Short Bridges" to record his vocals over for his audition.[4] Roush has a history in modeling prior to joining the band. Since the new formation of Sky Eats Airplane, they were signed to a distribution agreement with Thriving Records where they re-released Everything Perfect on The Wrong Day on November 20, 2007 and since signed with Equal Vision Records.

During early 2008 the band entered Salad Days Studios in Baltimore with producer Brian McTernan (Circa Survive, Thrice, The Bled, Senses Fail), to record their self-titled follow up album. The album was released on July 22, 2008 through Equal Vision Records.[5]

On January 11, 2009, Kenny Schick left the group to focus on more important things in his personal life. He was replaced by Travis "The Orbinator" Orbin( formerly part of the band Periphery).

The band embarked on their first headlining tour called The New Nu Metal Tour from May 21 to June 21 with In Fear and Faith, Eyes Set to Kill, and The Word Alive. Sky Eats Airplane also covered the song Nookie By Limp Bizkit.

During July 2009, Sky Eats Airplane released a statement saying that Jerry Roush has parted ways and did not leave on bad terms, and they would promptly begin the search for a new vocalist. In December of 2009, Sky Eats Airplane released a blog saying that after going through over 1000 messages, they have found not one but two new members: Bryan Zimmerman and Elliot Coleman. This blog was also met with discontempt as they also announced that Johno would be leaving the band also (being replaced by Coleman). They plan to release an EP in the spring, and have several tour dates lined up.


Release date Title Label Billboard 200 Peak[6]
July 15, 2006 Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day Thriving Records -
July 22, 2008 Sky Eats Airplane Equal Vision #172

Band membersEdit

Current membersEdit

  • Bryan Zimmerman - Lead Vocals (2009-Present)
  • Elliot Coleman - Vocals & Bass (2009-Present)
  • Lee Duck – rhythm guitar, electronics, programming, backing vocals (2005 - present)
  • Zack Ordway – lead guitar, programming (2007 - present)
  • Travis "The Orbinator" Orbin – drums (2009 - present)[7]

Former membersEdit

  • Jerry Roush – lead vocals (2007 - 2009) [8]
  • Brack Cantrell – lead vocals, programming (2005 - 2006)
  • Kenny Schick – drums (2007 - 2009)[7]
  • Johno Erickson - bass (2007-2009)


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