Ska Goes Solo Tour
Dates: January 3rd-16th (First Leg)
May 2nd-4th (Second Leg)
Shows: 17
Bands: Ryan Eldred
Jay Tea
Brian K. Diaz (January 4th)
Go Big (January 4th)
Murphy's Kids (January 5th)
Scotch Bonnets (January 5th)
Backyard Superheroes (January 6th)
The Best of the Worst (January 6th)
Mikey Erg (January 6th)
Survay Says! (January 7th)
Divided Heaven (January 8th)
Pat the Bunny (January 9th)
Man Romance (January 9th)
Dollar Signs (January 10th)
Cosmoscope (January 11th)
Good Thoughts (January 11th)
Native Suns (January 11th)
Paper Plane Armada (January 11th)
Mark Rose (January 11th)
Times Square Timebomb (January 11th)
Ye Flask (January 11th)
Chilled Monkey Brains (January 13th)
UNRB (January 14th)
Askultura (January 15th)
The Hard Richards (January 15th)
Caffiends (January 16th)
Control This (January 16th)
Tef London (January 16th)


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