Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria (single)
Rock N Roll Pizzeria Box
7" Record
Released 1996
Label No Idea Records
Rhetoric Records
Nat Records (Japan)

Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria is a 7" record released by Less Than Jake in 1997 on No Idea Records. The record was released in a custom hand screened Less Than Jake pizza box and came with a magnet, guest check, napkin and menu. The album features an early version of Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria, which would later be found on Losing Streak, along with Son of Dick. Both of these tracks would later be found on Goodbye Blue & White.

The Japanese version was released with an entirely different cover through Nat Records but was pressed by Rhetoric Records. Only 200 of these records were available in the U.S from Rhetoric Records.

This record was also repressed again and included in the Pie Tin along with: Smoke Spot; Unglued; Pez Kings; Crash Course in Being an Asshole; Less Than Jake / Pung; and Less Than Jake / Kemuri. It was repressed again in the Cereal Box which featured "Smoke Spot," "Unglued," and "Pez Kings."

Track ListingEdit

  1. Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
  2. Son of Dick



  • Color: Black
  • Copies: 1000


  • Color: Squished Pizza color
  • Copies: 1000

Pie TinEdit

  • Color: Various
  • Copies: 175

Cereal BoxEdit

  • Color:
  • Copies: 1000
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