Pete Anna
Joined Less than Jake January 1998
Instrument Trombone
Other Bands Slapstick

Originally from Slapstick, Pete Anna was Less Than Jake's trombonist from 1998 to 2000 when the original saxophonist, Jessica Mills, left the band to pursue teaching. Anna sang only one song (Hamburger Hop) in his entire time with Less Than Jake. He left shortly after the release of Borders & Boundaries. He is the reason Less Than Jake's current saxophonist Pete Wasilewsky goes by the name "J.R.", a nickname given to him to distinguish him from Anna, although after Anna left he still goes by that name. After Borders & Boundaries and Warped Tour 2001, Pete Anna left to become a firefighter in Chicago. The song "Best Wishes to Your Black Lung" is a tribute to Anna from the band.

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