North American Fall Tour 2008
Dates: September 11th-October 4th
Shows: 20
Bands: Shook Ones (September 11th)
Slingshot (September 11th)
The Bloodclots (September 12th)
Rancid (September 12th-16th)
The Insurgence (September 13th)
The Reptile (September 14th)
Playdead (September 16th)
The Flatliners (September 18th-23rd)
Reel Big Fish (September 18th-28th)
The Real Deal (September 18th-28th)
The Johnstones (September 26th-27th)
The Ergs! (September 29th-October 1st)
Bomb the Music Industry! (September 29th-October 1st)
Landmines (September 29th-October 1st)
Baker Act (October 3rd)
Suckerpunch (October 3rd)
Oh Clemency (October 4th)
AA Dropouts (October 4th)


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