Making Fun of Things You Don't Understand
Making Fun
10" Record
Released 1995
Label Far Out

Making Fun of Things You Don't Understand is a 10" record released by Less Than Jake in 1995 on Far Out Records. Seven of the tracks on this record were later released on Losers, Kings and Things We Don't Understand while the other two, Big and Downbeat, are found on Pezcore. Shotgun would later be released on both Pezcore and Losers, Kings, and Things We Don't Understand.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Soundman
  2. Soundcheck
  3. 24 Hours in Paramus
  4. Whipping Boy
  5. Downbeat
  6. Shotgun
  7. Big
  8. Down in the Mission
  9. St. James Hotel



  • Color: Black
  • Copies:
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