Losing Streak
Losing Streak
Studio Album
Released 1996
1998 (Picture Disc)
2000 (Double Album with Hello Rockview)
Recorded Criteria Studios
Mirror Image Studios
Length 35:24
Label Capitol
No Idea (Picture Disc)
Sleep it Off
Produced by Michael Rosen

Losing Streak is the third album by Less Than Jake and the band's first album with Capitol Records. The album includes re-recordings of Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore and Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts which were both on Pezcore. There is a hidden track at the beginning of the album featuring former band mascot Howie J. Reynolds called Yom Kippur. 'Losing Streak' was re-released with Hello Rockview as a double album in 2000 on Golf Records.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Automatic2:06
  2. Happyman1:59
  3. 9th at Pine1:56
  4. Sugar in Your Gas Tank2:06
  5. Shindo2:17
  6. 1071:59
  7. Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts2:49
  8. Krazy Glue1:58
  9. Never Going Back to New Jersey3:18
  10. How's My Driving, Doug Hastings?1:24
  11. Just Like Frank1:50
  12. Ask the Magic 8 Ball2:15
  13. Dopeman2:06
  14. Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore2:50
  15. Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria2:00
  16. Lockdown2:33
  17. Losing Streak (Japanese Version only)
  18. Mixology of Tom Collins (Japanese Version only)


Picture DiscEdit

  • 3 identical pressings
  • Copies: 3123
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