Live in Minneapolis
Live Album
Released 2004
Recorded Quest Club, Minneapolis
Length 60:12
Label Available only in

Live in Minneapolis is a live recording of a Less Than Jake show at the Quest Club in Minneapolis. It was recorded during their Fall 2003 tour in support of their album Anthem. This album is only available by downloading it on the Less Than Jake Purevolume page in 11 parts, rather than individual tracks. Those who weren't able to attend the show don't miss a thing either, as even the in-between song banter is included on the album. Bits of the show also appear on the Less Than Jake DVD, The People's History of Less Than Jake.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Part 1" – 6:26
  2. "Part 2" – 6:03
  3. "Part 3" – 7:36
  4. "Part 4" – 8:16
  5. "Part 5" – 7:21
  6. "Part 6" – 7:11
  7. "Part 7" – 7:36
  8. "Part 8" – 5:49
  9. "Part 9" – 5:56
  10. "Part 10" – 5:00
  11. "Part 11" – 6:16


  • During Part 3, Chris jokes that they couldn't play the song Liquor Store because Reel Big Fish wrote it and they would get sued. However, before the band begins playing Dopeman, Chris and Buddy play a short portion of the beginning of Liquor Store.
  • During Part 4, between Big Crash and Anchor, Chris remarks that it's his guitar tech Jeff's birthday, which promps Roger to play a small cover of the New Happy Birthday Song by NOFX.

Album artEdit

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