Less Than Jake / Pung
Released 1995
Label No Idea
Fueled By Ramen (Pie Tin)

Less Than Jake / Pung is a split album put out by No Idea Records in 1995. Only 2000 copies of this album were pressed on a 7" vinyl record which were then given away for free at shows. The album features Growing Up on a Couch, which can be found on Pezcore, along with a live version of the extremely rare song, Last Train.

This album was later repressed and included in the Pie Tin along with: Smoke Spot; Unglued; Pez Kings; Crash Course in Being an Asshole; Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria; and Less Than Jake / Kemuri.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Less Than Jake - Last Train (Live)
  2. Less Than Jake - Growing Up on a Couch (Live)
  3. Pung - "Little Boy"
  4. Pung - "Gonorrhea"


No Idea RecordsEdit

  • Color: Purple swirl
  • Copies: 2000

  • Covers: Blue, orange, red, or green lettering

Pie TinEdit

  • Color: Various
  • Copies: 175
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