Less Than Jake / Jimmy Eat World
Split Album
Released 1996
Label Capitol

Less Than Jake / Jimmy Eat World is a split cassette put out by Capitol Records in 1996 featuring 3 songs from Less Than Jake and 3 from Jimmy Eat World. 16,000 copies of this cassette were made. The band went through its mail and found orders with phone numbers attached to them. Chris then phoned these people and sent each person a box with 400 of these cassettes in them. The rest were given out for free at live shows. The 3 songs featured on this cassette were all originally released on Losing Streak and were the same songs used for the 3 Song Sampler cassette released the same year.


  1. Less Than Jake - Automatic
  2. Less Than Jake - Shindo
  3. Less Than Jake - Sugar in Your Gas Tank
  4. Jimmy Eat World - "Rockstar"
  5. Jimmy Eat World - "Call it in the Air"
  6. Jimmy Eat World - "Seventeen"
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