June 26th - Insubordination Fest 2010, Sonar, Baltimore, MD
Insubordination Fest 2010
Date: June 26th
Venue: Sonar
Bands: Baracuda McMurder
Be My Doppelganger
The Beatnik Termites
Blacklist Royals
The Challenged
Chinese Telephones
Cold and Come of Age
Dead Mechanical
Dear Landlord
Deep Sleep
The Dopamines
Head Home
House Boat
The Huntingtons
Impulse International
The Jetty Boys
The Leftovers
The Max Levine Ensemble
The Menzingers
The Methadones
Off With Their Heads
The Pillow Fights
Post Freedom
The Shutouts
Sick Sick Birds
The Sidekicks
The Slow Death
Smoking Popes
The Tattle Tales
Teenage Bottlerocket
The Varsity Weirdos


  1. Automatic
  2. Happyman/9th at Pine
  3. Sugar in Your Gas Tank
  4. Shindo
  5. Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
  6. Krazy Glue
  7. Never Going Back to New Jersey
  8. How's My Driving, Doug Hastings?
  9. Just Like Frank
  10. Dopeman
  11. Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
  12. Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
  13. Lockdown
  14. Suburban Myth
  15. National Anthem
  16. Does the Lion City Still Roar?
  17. The Ghosts of Me and You
  18. Last One Out of Liberty City
  19. Plastic Cup Politics
  20. Liquor Store
  21. Gainesville Rock City
  22. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
  23. Look What Happened


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