Hopeless Records
Hopeless Records
Founded 1993
Founder(s) Louis Posen
Country of Origin United States
Official Website

Hopeless Records is an independent record label located in Van Nuys, California.[1][2]


The label was started in 1993 by Louis Posen and financed by a group of private investors. Hopeless's artists are generally considered punk rock, pop punk, emo, or alternative rock, but some also include elements of various genres of metal.

The label's "charitable arm," Sub City Records, participates in a number of benefit tours such as the Take Action Tour.[3] Each year Hopeless/Sub City releases a benefit compilation Take Action! which is a multidisc compilation of punk and other independent bands. The CD release usually coincides with the annual Take Action Tour.

Hopeless also owns, a music downloading site that offers songs and albums in DRM-free, 192 kbit/s MP3 format.

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