Hello Rockview: Live
Live Album
Released March 1, 2011
Recorded Recorded Live at The State Theater in St. Petersburg, FL.


Length 47:24
Label Sleep it Off

Hello Rockview: Live is a live recording of the whole Hello Rockview album made on the State Theater on 2007. During this gig, former bandmate Derron Nuhfer joined the band for one last time.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Last One Out of Liberty City2:26
  2. Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding2:56
  3. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads (with Derron Nuhfer) – 3:45
  4. Five State Drive (with Derron Nuhfer) – 4:00
  5. Nervous in the Alley (with Derron Nuhfer) – 2:59
  6. Motto3:36
  7. History of a Boring Town (with Derron Nuhfer) – 5:16
  8. Great American Sharpshooter1:33
  9. Danny Says3:37
  10. Big Crash4:20
  11. Theme Song for H Street3:51
  12. Richard Allen, it's just Cheez1:44
  13. Scott Farcas Takes it on the Chin – 3:56
  14. Al's War3:39



During the "Al's War", Roger's microphone malfunctioned and he couldn't complete the first verse.

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