Background Information
Origin Watlham, Massachusetts
Genre Hard Rock
Glam Metal
Years active 2002-present
Label(s) Island Records
Dustin Hengst
Noelle Leblanc
Mike Woods
Former Members
Dave Pino

Damone is an American glam metal/hard rock band with distinct elements from power pop in their sound.[1] The band originated in Waltham, a city located just west of Boston, Massachusetts, and contains members Noelle LeBlanc (vocals/guitar), Mike Woods (guitar), Vazquez (bass), and Dustin Hengst (Drums).[2]


The band had a song included in the movies Rugrats Go Wild!, Stick It, and Freaky Friday; along with such TV shows as Veronica Mars and Free Ride. Two songs of theirs were also featured on the soundtrack to Project Gotham Racing 2 on Xbox.

The song "Out Here All Night", from the album of the same name[3], is featured on the Madden 07 soundtrack and the Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam soundtrack. It is also featured on the 2006 "Bionicle: Free the Band" website as well as songs from Over It, Carbon Leaf, Todd Hannigan, and a few others. The song was covered by Candlebox at a July 2006 concert at Avalon in Boston and it was one of the songs from the 2006 WWE Raw Diva Search. It is also featured in the soundtrack of the 2008 remake of George A. Romero's 1985 zombie classic, Day of the Dead.

The song "Outta My Way", from Out Here All Night, was written as a nod to the band Poison. Dustin Hengst, the drummer for Damone, stated that "Outta My Way" was written to sound like a song that would "be played in a strip club." [4], and was also featured in the movie Stick It.

The band recorded a cover of Billy Squier's "Everybody Wants You", which was played in advertising campaigns for the CW Television Network during the network's first season (2006-07).

The song "What We Came Here For" was used in an ESPN commercial, and is also featured in the video game ATV Offroad Fury 4.

Their song "Revolution" is the official anthem for the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer.[5]

Covered "Just What I Needed" by The Cars for the Album "Tribute to the Cars: Substitution Mass Confusion" Track 2 of 21.

Band MembersEdit

  • Noelle Leblanc - Vocals & Guitar
  • Mike Woods - Lead Guitar & Vocals
  • Vazquez - Bass & Vocals
  • Dustin Hengst - Drums

Discography Edit


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