Buddy Schaub
Joined Less than Jake 1993/1994
Instrument Trombone
Bass (live)
Other Bands Black Ice
Coffee Project
Dig Dug

Buddy "Goldfinger" Schaub (born Louis Schaub) is the trombonist for American ska punk band Less Than Jake. Buddy met Less Than Jake when his band at the time, Dig Dug, was opening for them at the Hardback in Florida. After talking to Vinnie that night he went to a practice and later entered the band becoming the second horn player to join Less Than Jake. The nickname "Goldfinger," as Vinnie describes, originated after the first time they met when Buddy said he wanted to play with them. When they arranged a first practice with him Vinnie couldn't remember his name from being drunk that night so he dubbed him "Goldfinger" after the gold trombone he played.

Around the time of their first tour he went to Europe with friends and was filled-in for by baritone sax player, Derron Nuhfer, who stayed in Less Than Jake until 2000, even after Buddy's return. He plays bass guitar live whenever Roger Manganelli, the normal bass player, plays second guitar. Buddy has been in Less Than Jake the longest out of all their horn players.

He performs the vocals on a single track for Less Than Jake, Mississippi Mud.

When not touring with Less Than Jake, Buddy works with side project bands, Black Ice, PBNJ, and Coffee Project.

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