Boxcar Records
Boxcar Records
Founded 1995
Country of Origin United States
Official Website

Boxcar Records is a record label in Florida that has released bands in the emo/indie genre


Cat. Num. Band Release Year Format
BOX-001 Various Artists My Mom Likes These Songs 1996 CD
BOX-002 The Usuals Yours Truly 1996 7"
BOX-003 Discount/Flatspots/Stizzle/Wolfdaddys Split 1997 7"
BOX-004 Ed Matus' Struggle Planes That Cast A Gloom 10"
BOX-005 Roosevelt Roosevelt 1996 7"
BOX-006 Stizzle Two Weeks Too Late 1997 CD
BOX-008 Various Artists Totally Fucking the 80s 2xLP/CD
BOX-009 The Mercury Program Lights Out in Georgia 1998 7"
BOX-010 The Mercury Program/Versailles Split 1998 7"
BOX-012 The Burgundy Romance The Burgundy Romance 1998 CD
BOX-013 The Mercury Program The Mercury Program 1999 LP/CD
BOX-014 Versailles The Great Axis 1999 CD
BOX-015 Carlisle Functions of Several Variables 1999 7"
BOX-016 Polliné Parallel Canvas 2000 CD
BOX-017 Forstella Ford/The Assistant Split 7"
BOX-018 The Mercury Program All the Suits Began to Fall Off 2001 12"
BOX-019 Keith Welsh American 2001 CD
BOX-020 Oriflamme More 2007 CD

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