Borders & Boundaries
Studio Album
Released 2000
Recorded Grand Master Studios
Length 40:29
Label Fat
Produced by Steve Kravac

Borders & Boundaries is an album by Less Than Jake, featuring a map of the area around Gainesville, Florida, their home city, on the cover.

Borders & Boundaries is the final album to feature saxophonist Derron Nuhfer and trombonist Pete Anna. This album was originally slated to be released on Capitol Records, though the band left abruptly and went to Fat Wreck Chords. It is the only album by the band on this label.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Magnetic North2:59
  2. Kehoe3:01
  3. Suburban Myth2:25
  4. Look What Happened3:34
  5. Hell Looks a Lot Like L.A.2:13
  6. Mr. Chevy Celebrity1:42
  7. Gainesville Rock City3:07
  8. Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems2:24
  9. Bad Scene and a Basement Show2:38
  10. Is This Thing On?3:06
  11. Pete Jackson is Getting Married1:54
  12. 19892:27
  13. Last Hour of the Last Day of Work3:17
  14. Bigger Picture2:41
  15. Faction3:30
  16. Help Save the Youth of America From Exploding (live)3:22 (2002 UK re-release only)
  17. Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria (live)2:17 (2002 UK re-release only)
  18. Down in the Mission (live)2:43 (2002 UK re-release only)
  19. Anchor/Sugar in Your Gas Tank (live)2:51 (2002 UK re-release only)
  20. Just Like Frank (live)2:15 (2002 UK re-release only)
  21. 9th at Pine (live)2:24 (2002 UK re-release only)
  22. How's My Driving Doug Hastings? (live)1:26 (2002 UK re-release only)





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