Background Information
Origin Gainesville, Florida
Genre Hardcore
Years active 1995-present
Label(s) Coalition
No Idea Records
To Live A Lie
Associated Acts True North
Whiskey & Co
Religious as Fuck
Travis Ginn
Jon Weisburg
Matt Sweeting
Tony Marquez
Former Members
Brian Johnson
Chris Campisi
Travis Johnson
Drew DeMiao
Chuck Ragan

Assholeparade is a hardcore band from Gainesville, Florida.


They have release two LPs and an EP for No Idea Records, as well as some compilation appearances. They have short aggressive songs. Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music was in this band briefly for one week in 1998, and only two of Assholeparade's original members are left in its current 5-piece setup.


  • Travis Ginn - (vocals) - 1995 - present
  • Jon Weisburg - (drums) - 1995 - present
  • Matt Sweeting - (Guitar) - 1998 - present
  • D-Ron (Bass) - 2002 - present
  • Tony Marquez (Guitar) - 2004 - present

Past membersEdit

  • Brian Johnson (Guitar) - 1995 - 2004
  • Chris Campisi (Bass) - 1995 - 1996
  • Travis Johnson (Bass) - 1996 - 2002
  • Drew DeMiao (Guitar) - 1997 - 1998
  • Chuck Ragan (Guitar) - One week in 1998

Discography Edit

  • Assholeparade/Ansojuan Split 7" (Independent Release, 1996)
  • Palatka/Assholeparade Split LP (Coalition Records, 1997)
  • LHIGHVE 8" EP (Deep Six Records, 1998)
  • Student Ghetto Violence LP / CD (No Idea Records, 1999; reissued as tour edition LP on No Idea Records, 2007)
  • Say Goodbye 7" EP (No Idea Records, 2005)
  • Embers LP / CD (No Idea Records, 2006)
  • Welcome Fucking Home 7" (No Idea Records, 2009)
  • Live in Rostock 10" (To Live A Lie Records, 2011)

Compilation appearancesEdit

  • Various Artists, No Idea 100: Redefiling Music CD (No Idea Records, 2001)
  • Various Artists, Sight And Sound: The History Of The Future video (No Idea Records, 2001)
  • Various Artists, A Product Of Six Cents II CD (A Product Of Six Cents, To Live A Lie Records, 2009)
  • Various Artists, To Live A Lie Records 2010 Sampler CD (To Live A Lie Records, 2010)

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