Background Information
Origin St. Louis, Missouri
Genre Post-Hardcore
Years active 2001-2007
Label(s) Warcon Enterprises
Former Members
Rob Tweedie
Josh Goldenhersh
Patrick Baum
Matt Tuttle
Jeff Meyer

Adair was an American post-hardcore/screamo[1][2] band from St. Louis, Missouri.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

The members of the band had performed together in St. Louis for eight years before formally founding Adair in 2001. The five-member band consisted of local St. Louisians; Rob Tweedie as frontman,[1] Josh Goldenhersh on guitar and vocals, Patrick Baum on guitar and vocals, Matt Tuttle on drums, and Jeff Meyer on bass guitar. After recording their premiere EP The Permanent Bruise, the band moved to California.[3]

After touring with other bands (including Hawthorne Heights, Glasseater, Calico System, and A Wilhelm Scream) and independently selling over 7,000 copies of The Permanent Bruise, Adair signed with Warcon Enterprises in 2006. While performing in 2006's Taste of Chaos tour, the band released their only full album, The Destruction of Everything is the Beginning of Something New, that February. The band spent Summer 2006 on that year's Warped Tour.[3]

When the constituent band members opted to pursue their own individual musical interests, Adair disbanded in early 2007.[3] In their MySpace blog, the band euphemistically described the dissolution as "[going] on indefinite hiatus".[2]

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